Uniquely Yours Celebrates Creativity in Your Garden

Uniquely Yours Garden Design and Décor specializes in unique garden designs. 
I have been gardening for over forty years and have discovered that my passion is making a unique space. This can be accomplished through the design, garden décor, or plant choices. I can help you reimagine your current garden, choose art and décor to personalize the space, or create a garden from inception.

If you want a garden that is unique to you, you have come to the right place. Start with our garden design questionnaire to begin creating the garden of your dreams!

What is more inspirational than seeing beautiful gardens and the creative projects the owner has fashioned to decorate their space? The problem is, most of the time we cannot visit these gardens. This site is a place to virtually do so. Do you have artful decor that sets your garden apart from others like a mosaic path, unusual gate, or unique bottle tree? I appreciate your willingness to share photos of your projects and inspire fellow soldiers of the soil. What a delight to get to know you and your gardens!

In addition to celebrating the creativity we bring to our gardens, I introduce you to the most creative gardeners I know and feature unique garden designs, classes, and garden décor.

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