Recommended Garden Shows

When HGTV first began there were several garden shows that I enjoyed. Those have been replaced and I no longer subscribe. In fact, I no longer have cable or satellite instead, I choose to stream my shows. This winter I ran across some new programs as well as an old favorite.

On Amazon Prime I have three programs I viewed this winter. Of these,
Garden Architecture was my favorite. This series was produced in 1997 and I remember watching it on HGTV. Although I find William Anderson’s outdoor furniture and décor features sometimes questionable (who wants to move all that stuff every time you mow?!), I think Haig Seferian’s segments are inspiring. He visits gardeners in their real gardens that are in a residential scale to which most of us can relate.
One Garden Two Looks (2015) welcomes landscape designers, Charlie Dobbin and Denis Flanagan revamping two neighbors’ yards. This is not a competition show, in fact they help each other to create beautiful spaces for the neighbors. They also include many useful tips.

Great Gardens features Helen Dillon and Diarmuid Gavin touring three private Irish gardens and then choosing the best of the three. Truly an impossible task because the gardens are all magnificent. I think the hosts are pretentious but I love the gardeners’ explanation of the creative outlet and joy their gardens bring them.

Two garden shows I have enjoyed on Netflix recently are both British programs: Love Your Garden (2011) with Alan Titmarsh and Big Dreams Small Spaces (2014-2017) featuring Monty Don. Both shows help amateur gardeners create/refashion a garden. Always something to be learned. Just keep in mind that their plant choices may not work in our gardens.

Have you watched Monty Don’s new American Garden Series?

I found the three part series on You Tube.
Interestingly I have been to most of the gardens in the first episode except the one in Missouri! The series is a nice mix of gardens and how our American landscape and history have influenced those gardens.