Starting a New Garden

I am often asked how to prepare the site for a new garden. There were no plantings in this garden two years ago.

This was the side yard prior to me planting the garden. I had placed a bench and put an antique fence bridging the she shed to the neighbor’s fence.

The first thing I recommend is doing a soil test to determine if any amendments need added. If not, I start by laying down cardboard. I prefer to do this in the late fall so there is time for the winter season to kill the grass and the cardboard to disintegrate.

Then I cover the entire area with mulch. It normally takes a couple of months for the cardboard to deteriorate. But, if it hasn’t you can just cut the cardboard and dig in your plants.

One of the biggest benefit of not digging the soil is it keeps the weeds at bay! Below is a great video explaining the benefits of not digging a garden bed

Using this method does not mean your garden will be weed free. But, there will be less weeds since you have not brought the dormant seeds to the light where they could now germinate. While fall is the time I like to do this, you can start a garden in this manner any time of the year. Why not start one now that you could plant this summer?