I am retiring this year. Big changes! I am excited to have time to be more creative. As a part of this new journey, I am redoing a room in my house (it had been an apartment for a college-age granddaughter) as my studio. The designing and decorating of this space has already been a fun creative outlet. My goal has been to upcycle materials that I have accumulated over time. I have always been attracted to architectural and vintage pieces. Thus, I have stockpiled these items without knowing how I would use them. The items were purchased inexpensively at garage sales, flea markets, and estate sales (my entertainment!). Now I have the opportunity to creatively reuse these finds. Very few things in this space have been purchased new.
Before I started the project it had been a studio apartment for a granddaughter. I divided the room into two sections. The core of the studio is designed to look like a greenhouse.

A couple of years ago I had purchased some large windows that had come out of a downtown church. Some of the glass was broken, so I (with the help of my grandson, Billy) broke all of the yellow glass out of the windows (to be used later for another project). The windows inspired the greenhouse room.

A short wall was built to hold the old windows.

I had also stashed two old screen doors. This one was used as a fake door over the original closet door. I painted the closet door with chalkboard paint and painted the screen door green.


I settled on a bee theme for the blackboard.

Another old screen door is being used as the entrance into the ‘greenhouse.”

I love the paint and screen on the old screen door.

In addition I had some old cabinet doors that no longer had the glass.

These were used to give the illusion of the roof of the greenhouse.

Old drawers and cubby hole cabinets were repurposed to hold supplies and my flower frog collection.

I also have a glass flower frog collection.

I kept the old paper and patina.

I had a pair of old screens stashed away. I used the larger one as the background for this Potting Shed sign.

A smaller matching screen was hung strategically to give the illusion of a window.

An old seed box I have had for years.

Old boxes I had purchased from a garage sale are used to hold clay pots, saucers, and other supplies.

Vintage bread boxes and tins are used for storage.

Flower canisters hold my seeds I have saved from last year.

I am attracted to vintage tins. In this tin I store my sphagnum moss.

I removed the cloth from old wire lampshades and decorated with moss greenery.

Before decorating, I spray painted them green.

It is neat to have a place to display vintage pieces like this scale and frog planters.

There is lots of storage in the cabinets.

The floor is brick that I laid in a basket weave pattern.

Even space for clay pots.

I have repurposed my grandma’s enamel table as my desk.

I am already loving using this space!