Sunlight in the Garden

I seldom hear anything about designing a garden around how the light will stream through the leaves. Look at the castor beans! The beautiful veining is highlighted and intensified from the morning light.

The large leaves of cannas are a prime example of how the use of the light streaming through the leaves enhances your garden.

Again, the veins of the leaves are amplified with the beacon of light.

Amaranth is a very tall plant that I love for the color of the leaves and flowers. I love situating it in the garden where it sparkles with the evening spotlight.

Another tall plant, Royal Purple Smoke Bush intensified with the luster of the light.

Although the red leaves of this caladium are beautiful on their own, the morning light bedazzles!

Large leaves of lotus and elephant ears are fabulous. Even more so when the light shines through them.


Flowers are also enhanced with the light radiating through them. Especially if they have thin, luminous petals such as Geranium ‘Rozanne.’

When planning your garden or thinking of a rehab, consider the time of day you will be using the space and how the light will complement your plantings.