A Charming Garden

The PHS Meadowbrook Farm is so charming! Designed by the owner of the property J. Liddon Pennock in the 1930s, the  seven acres is divided into 15 distinct rooms. While each room is formal in design, each space is intimate. I was especially entranced with the herb garden pictured above. The santolina hugging the seating is a favorite. The potted rosemary topiaries on stands help to connect the space with the surroundings.Walking up the drive, the magnifincence of the plantings creates anticipation for what is to come.The swimming pool is surrounded by gardens. Here the bathhouse is the focal point.
A view of the swimming pool from another side with an armillary focal point.The rock wall was created to distinguish the two garden areas but not built so tall to stop the view into the pool area. The variety of texture of the ferns, hosta, and lamium creates interest.Another garden by the pool. This one with a gravel floor. It is one of many seating areas in the garden.

The weeping Blue Atlas Cedar planted in an upper garden room, cascades over the wall to offer a bolt of blue architectural detail.Outside the matching french doors is a slate patio with beautifully planted containers. The containers are neutral in their tone so as not to disturb the tranquil scene.
While each garden is unique and stands alone, the consistent use of rock, brick and gravel throughout the spaces ties the entire garden together. This is a prime example where “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”
The ceramic chair in the lyre garden exemplifies the unique ornamentation found throughout.
Two obelisks create a view line toward a planted urn focal point.
While the gardens surrounding the house are formal, the gardens surrounding the parking lot and nursery are more informal as shown with the waterfall pictured above.
The planting choices are also more informal with hakonechloa, hydrangea, and variegated soloman’s seal.
What an enchanting place Mr. Pennock has created!