An Invitation to Enter the Garden

Sharon welcomes you into her garden through a variety of gates, arbors and paths.

The moon gate and inviting path allure you into the side yard.


An allee of trellis columns create an illusion of depth in this small garden by having the paired columns set 6” closer to each other as you travel down the brick-lined gravel path. The statue is backed with a mirror to reflect the surrounding garden, again giving an illusion of a larger space.


Take a seat and rest before continuing your garden tour through the vine-covered arbor.


The gravel path and trellis columns lead to the serenity of the reflecting pool.


The formal entrance to the carriage house beckons with the use of symmetry, evergreen hedges, and color.


A meandering path through the shade garden entices one through.


Who can resist crossing the footbridge of this informal garden of grasses and lilies to the mystery of the gate and arbor beyond?


The picket gate entry tempts with aroma of the herb garden and kitchen patio.


The luscious plantings surrounding this path are so inviting.