Chanticleer Boat

For this garden feature, I am highlighting a tiny piece of Chanticleer Garden in Wayne, Pennsylvania. A fabulous garden where the horticulturalists are also artists. Visitors can see their unique handiwork throughout the gardens including ironwork rails, wooden chairs, and drinking fountains. Pictured above is an organic boat-shaped bridge designed by a talented staff member.

Here is a view from the other direction.

The bridge is formed with fin-shaped sides with plantings below.

There are small and large pockets added throughout for inspired plantings.

With small gardens of intricate plantings of mosses and lichens. A garden in and of itself, it has motivated me to make some trough gardens of my own.

Portholes are included along with carnivorous plants such as sarracenia.

What a pleasant experience. The detail and mastery of this space should encourage us all to be more artistic in our gardens