Recommended Podcasts for Gardeners

I listen to a wide variety of podcasts. My favorite gardening podcasts are:

Plantrama Science Art & Dinner: It’s all in your own backyard with hosts C. L. Fornari and Ellen Zachos. They have great rapport, full of knowledge, and a great sense of humor.

Let’s Argue About Plants is produced by Fine Gardening Magazine with hosts Steve Aitken and Danielle Sherry. Although they do not always agree, they discuss their plant choices based on a monthly topic such as unique shrubs, underused shade plants, and hellstrip plants.


Gardener’s Question Time with host Peter Gibbs meets with a live audience. A panel of experts answer the questions regarding a vast array of gardening dilemmas. Although taped in Europe, I have found the panel very knowledgeable and the information usually applicable to what I am doing in my garden.


I think you will enjoy these. Let me know if you have a podcast to recommend.