Go Big!

Linda VanDyke has never been shy about her garden design. The beauty and size of the water garden is humbling. I believe her mantra is Go Big or Go Home! Go all the way!
Her passion for gardening is shared with her husband Max, working together on the design, planting, and building. Linda has been gardening for over 35 years. The years of experience and education in the Master Gardening program shows in their fabulous garden.

The garden features waterfalls and wandering streams culminating in a large pool. Carefully chosen shrubs and trees help anchor the pond to the space. The variety of leaf shape, structure, and fall color makes the Japanese Maples one of their favorite plants.

An angel playfully floating down the stream is a focal point from inside their home. Max and Linda love being outdoors, creating color and structures. But, every once in a while they are indoors and enjoy the beautiful view they have created.

A water garden opens the possibility for another array of garden plants such as lotus, waterlilies, and papyrus along with the brilliant fish that have been added.

Garden statuary is employed throughout the space. I wonder what surprise awaits around the bend of the mulched path.

A brick walkway leads the eye further into the garden. A peak of a  destination entices the visitor to continue.

The water garden is not the only feature in the space. A structure built for grandchildren creates a striking destination. Linda believes we should incorporate architectural elements into our gardens to create a focal point and a reason to plant another garden.

Linda and Max emphasize that we should not be afraid to make mistakes in our gardens. There are lessons in our successes and failures. They are constantly tweaking their garden. A true joy for them and those with whom they share the space.