Good Bones



When Dan looked at the piece of property almost 20 years ago, he saw potential. The place had “good bones.” He appreciated the craftsman-style design with a complementary garden. Today, the interior and exterior seamlessly flow together.


However, potential does not mean “a little work.” Dan has replaced most of the plantings and added brick, rock, and stamped concrete.

The small 55’ X 55’ back lot had a stream, waterfall and pond. The stream is now a dry bed used to maneuver through the space.

Several welcoming patios have been created to relax and enjoy.

A study in textures that we can all learn from.

Dan refers to his design as a Japanese style garden.

He has an eclectic mix of objects throughout the garden including some he has designed and built like the table with grate top seen in the picture above.

These chairs and obelisk are some of Dan’s designs that he offers for sale.

I love this birdbath filled with sedum.

The gardener artistically uses natural pieces in his designs such as driftwood; here set alongside found objects from his antique hunts.

Several Japanese Maples have been planted along with Arborvitae ‘Smaragd’. This evergreen has been the recipient of the Award of Garden Merit. It grows 15’ X 4’ wide in full sun and is perfectly used for a screen to create privacy.

Garden art made of found pieces such as cogs and gears are what Dan refers to as his “junk art” creations.

Included in the garden are many large pots with evergreens to give four-season interest. The pots have an insulated interior. Dan’s advice is to start with a small container to match the size of the shrub and replant in larger pots as the plant grows.

The only mowing Dan has to do is the hell strip along the street. The previous owner had planted the front yard and banks with evergreen sedums that now knit together to create a blanket of diverse texture.

Dan has always had an interest in gardening and being outdoors. Some may remember his downtown store The Great Outdoors. When not working in the antique shop, or his garden, or building garden furniture, Dan works on others’ gardens. It is hard to think of him as retired!