Having Fun in the Garden

I enjoy seeing someone’s sense of humor in their garden. Sometimes the wit is laugh-out-loud funny but other times it is more subtle. This month I am sharing some of the humorous scenes in my own garden. The naked men climbing the trees in my back garden give me a chuckle every time I see them. I believe many of my garden visitors never notice them.

The frog hidden in the trees is also many times overlooked.

I have placed a marble with the little boy. I imagine he is getting ready to toss it in the water.

Rather than a regular gate, why not add one with personality and a sense of fun.

I stole this idea from a recent garden tour. Now, I always have birds in my tree.

I have several little garden fairy homes and inhabitants tucked in my gardens. Most are only seen by keen observers.

More noticeable is the fairy village in my old discarded wheel barrel. It offers a sense of fun not just to children, but also adults.

Other humorous items are not so elusive!

This little girl on her vintage bike is always bringing a smile. She is forever plowing through a field of flowers.

I have other girls in the garden. I have added eyelashes…

and jewelry.

One at the bottom of the water garden.

Another hidden in the flowers.

Even a common piece of garden art like a bottle tree can have a witty edge to it.

Or let the birds go camping. Be creative. Enjoy your garden space. Have FUN!!